Alberto Antonini | Founder, Winemaker

Alberto Antonini is one of the most recognized winemakers across the globe, and brings new ideas and an unparalleled palate to the Altos Las Hormigas team. His education includes a Ph.D. in Agricultural Studies from the University of Florence and Enology degrees from the University of Bordeaux and the University of California, Davis. He was senior winemaker for the Tuscan wineries of Antinori and Frescobaldi, two of the leading Italian winemaking families, as well as numerous New World wineries. He blends modern techniques with ancient tradition in the pursuit of honest winemaking and is an integral contributor in helping Argentine wines gain international appreciation.

Antonio Morescalchi | Founder, Vice President

Antonio’s academic background is in engineering, however his entrepreneurial spirit is what played a larger role in the path he followed. He discovered wine early, where at the age of 22 he started making wine in his father’s basement in Montecatini Alto, Tuscany. He left Tuscany for the New World wine region of Mendoza in 1995 and immediately fell in love with the beautiful, old vines. Antonio is fully dedicated to Altos Las Hormigas, from its humble beginnings to date, and has contributed a personal, authentic touch to the project. Creator of the name and the brand, he is Altos’ most ardent promoter of the wines and philosophy in the global marketplace.

Attilio Pagli | Winemaker

Attilio is one of Italy’s most respected winemakers and one of Altos’ most passionate. He studied at the Technical Agrarian Institute of Siena, Italy, at a time when winemaking was still considered hands-on career . He had the fortune to work under Tuscan winemaking legend Giulo Gambelli, whom he considers his mentor.Attilio first arrived in Mendoza under instruction to create a Sangiovese similar to those he was known for in Italy, but quickly learned that Mendoza had no intention of being Tuscany. Instead, he fell in love with the old vines of Malbec. Although he has two 100 point wines in his personal record, he believes that the personality of terroir is what really inspires his commitment to winemaking.

Pedro Parra | Terroir Specialist, Ph.D.

Pedro is South America’s most recognized terroir and soil specialist, with extensive academic and field experience to support his title. Pedro received a Masters Degree in Precision Agriculture from Montpellier, France and a Ph.D. in Terroir from the National Agronomy Institute, Paris. During his time in France, he studied in Burgundy and Bordeaux with the most respected French experts such as Michel Claude Girard and Bordeaux expert Pierre Becheler. Pedro has devoted his career to studying soil profiles and their influence upon wine. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including Wine Spectator, Decanter, and Wine & Spirits Magazine. He plays an indispensable role in Altos Las Hormigas’ progress towards terroir-driven, ageworthy Malbec.

Leo Erazo | Winemaker

Leo Erazo is a talented and an inspired winemaker. After university he traveled across the wine world for 10 years, working in the most thrilling terroirs and gathering experience. His journey led him to Stellenbosch University where he researched the influence of soil over wine. His know-how and dedication make him a key ingredient in our winemaking approach.

Juan Jose Borgnia | Vineyard Manager

Juan Jose studied agronomical engineering at Mendoza’s University of Cuyo. As soon as he got his degree he traveled to New Zealand, to work in a biodynamic vineyard (Clos Henri Vineyard) in the Marlborough region. In this vineyard he developed a great interest in working in organic and biodynamic productions. After two years of working in different wineries in New Zealand, he heard about the Terroir Project that Altos Las Hormigas carries out with Pedro Parra. He returned to Argentina in 2014 to join the team of ants and work in our vineyards in Luján de Cuyo and the Uco Valley.